A world of Opportunity beyond Academic

Arcadian Public School has encouraged its students to excel not only academically but also at co – curricular spheres of life. Arcadian Public School has started several on – and – off – campus initiatives to promote sports skills and manally values its among students community.

A healthy body and mind that can appreciate nuances of aesthetics in nature and diverse human being. To facilitate this, the school’s calendar contains a host of co – curricular activities that cover a very wide spectrum. Performing and visual arts, sports and games, environmental studies, meditation and yoga will be practiced as a part of the routine. Children are exposed to real world and by getting term to interact with experts and resource persons from various fields of human endeavor.

The School Organized Annual Sports Day in Every Year for the physical fitness of the students. The entire school student are divided into four houses : Emerald, Jasper, Ruby and Sapphire. Every house master organized different extra – curricular activities. Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Races & throws the students for their all round development.

Co – Curricular Activities

Dramatics Quiz
Recitation Thermopolis modeling
Sppeeches Self – reliance programms
Essay writing Needle work
Story telling Knitting
Debate and elocution Paper Craf